Although most object conservators are generalists, Preservation Arts is fortunate in having object conservators who also have distinct specialisms allowing us to provide a higher level of expertise in certain materials specifically ceramics and glass, wood and furniture, plastics, painted surfaces and metals, particularly bronze.

Typical treatments include reassembly of ceramics and modelling of replacement elements; polishing and fills for scratched and damaged plastics; surface cleaning, fills and structural repairs for marble, stone, ivory, wood, bone, concrete, and Asian lacquer; welding and other metal repairs for bronzes; consolidation, filling losses and surface integration of painted surfaces both on early polychrome sculpture and contemporary sculpture; repolishing and scratch removal from polished bronzes; stabilization of bronze disease for archaeological bronzes; reassembly and fills for glass; leather repairs and rehumidification; repair of mother of pearl inlay; stabilization of 3 dimensional paper objects.

Senior Objects Conservator, Chloe Castro reassembling a Chinese ceramic lion

Senior Objects Conservator, Chloe Castro reassembling a Chinese ceramic lion

Chloe Castro, Senior Objects Conservator

Chloe received her MFA in Historic Preservation from Savannah College of Art & Design. Since then she has had 8 years of experience working in objects conservation at various private practices in LA and SF, and has worked with institutions in both areas including The Getty Center, and SFMOMA. She specializes in ceramics and glass, but enjoys working with all types of objects, including metals and stone, and is always looking forward to treating the occasional piece of samurai armor. 

Her experience also includes completing conditions assessments, collections surveys, etc.

Given the chance, she’ll happily talk about space archaeology or historic preservation on the moon.

One of the favorite projects that Chloe has worked on is a 1.5” tall (ivory or bone) netsuke of 2 grappling wrestlers that was missing a foot, and the piece couldn’t stand properly without it. She carved a new one and cast it out of a compatible material, which was painted to match.

Rowan Geiger and her team at Preservation Arts [formerly SF Art Conservation] are what you would think if you merely looked at before and after photos of their astonishing work. However, that characterization would belie the enormous skill and painstaking attention to detail they invest in the restoration process. My father-in-law sent us a 14th century gilded bronze Buddha. Unfortunately, it was apparently dropped during shipping and suffered notable deformation and cracking. Rowan looked it over and quickly assessed the sort of work that would need to be done to repair it. Her knowledge of materials and methods is truly encyclopedic! An added bonus is that she is extremely gracious and readily gives a tour of the studio, where you can see restoration in progress...fascinating! You might even get the opportunity to see the work of an artistic luminary up close (we saw a small René Magritte painting there on our first visit). When we picked up the restored Buddha, it was clear they had gone above and beyond the call of duty, not only repairing the crack, but also touching up and cleaning other long-neglected areas. Rowan also kindly hooked us up with a skilled mount-maker, since our Buddha was in need of a pedestal. The conservators at Preservation Arts [formerly SF Art Conservation] are consummate professionals, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of art restoration services.
— Mary T. - San Jose -11/12/18
Objects Conservator, Christine Haynes, examining the surface of a mirrored PMMA sculpture by Judy Chicago

Objects Conservator, Christine Haynes, examining the surface of a mirrored PMMA sculpture by Judy Chicago

Christine Haynes, Assistant Objects Conservator

Christine Haynes, Assistant Objects Conservator, received a Masters of Science in the Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works and a Masters of Arts in the History of Art from the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She has trained in a spectrum of time periods from the conservation of archeological materials at Aphrodisias Excavations in Turkey to time based media art and sculpture at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Christine has experience with metals, stone, painted surfaces, wood, plaster, ceramics, plastics, animal materials, and mixed media. Her research interests focuses on modern and contemporary art, especially plastic polymers and composite objects. She has researched plastic identification and storage at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Christine also has experience with pest management, anoxic enclosures, environmental monitoring, and artist consultation.

Rowan and her staff have completed three restoration projects for us. All three pieces are Eskimo works from Canada and required different types of repair. The work was completed in a timely fashion and was done so well that it is impossible to see where they did the repairs. In the course of conservation, they also cleaned the items making them look better than when we dropped them off. They thoroughly document everything and give you a price up front. You should be aware that this quality of work is not inexpensive, but it was worth every penny we paid to see these lovely works of art restored to their original condition. What a relief to find such qualified people willing to work on these smaller projects!
— Joshua S. - San Jose, CA - 8/29/16

For assessments or information:

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Our Objects Conservators have experience treating artworks by a large number of artists with a wide varied of styles and mediums. Here is list of some of the artist’s works that we have treated.

  • Viola Frey

  • Beverley Pepper

  • Robert Arneson

  • Richard Shaw

  • Alexander Calder

  • Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

  • Rina Kimche

  • Arnaldo Pomodoro

  • Deborah Butterfield

  • Buckminster Fuller

  • Ruth Asawa

  • Harry Bertoia

  • Auguste Rodin

  • Louise Bourgeois

  • Keith Haring

  • Jenny Holzer

  • Richard Serra

  • Donald Judd

  • Carl Andre

  • Fletcher Benton

  • Guiseppe Penone

  • Magdalena Abakanowicz

  • Charles Ginnever

  • Anthony Gormley

  • Barry Flanagan

  • Barbara Hepworth

  • Menashe Kadishman

  • Ellsworth Kelly

  • Sol De Witt

  • Richard Long

  • Henry Moore

  • Isamu Noguchi

  • Markus Lupertz

  • George Rickey

  • George Segal

  • Joel Shapiro

  • Mark di Suvero

Preservation Arts has expertise in the following areas:

  • Ceramic repair and reassembly

  • Modelling of missing ceramic elements and glaze integration

  • Salt reduction from archaeological ceramics

  • Repair of glass and filling of losses in glass

  • Reduction of corrosion from metals, including bronze disease

  • Welding and structural repairs of bronze and other metals

  • Repatination of metals and integration of deteriorated patinas

  • Application of protective coatings and removal of degraded coatings for metals.

  • Repolishing of silver and bronze

  • Structural repair of stone and modelling of missing elements

  • Stain reduction from marble

  • Treatment of fire damaged stone sculpture

  • Re-humidification and reshaping of leather, filling of leather losses

  • Repair of organic materials such as feathers

  • Replacement and repair of inlays made of mother of pearl, tortoiseshell and metals

  • Structural repair of wood, repair of wood joints, integration of wood finishes

  • Stabilization of painted wood, consolidation of polychromy, and removal of overpaint

  • Repair of damaged gilding and ingilding

  • Treatment of assemblage and mixed media

  • Surface cleaning, filling of losses and structural repair of Asian lacquer

  • Repolishing of plastics, repair of structural failures to plastics

  • Identification and storage recommendations for plastics

  • Reduction of weeping plasticizers from plastics

  • Structural repair of papier-mache and 3 dimensional paper objects

  • Documentation and preservation of conceptual art and installations

  • Expert collaboration with time-based media conservators

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