The Preservation Arts murals team is experienced in repairing fresco, acrylic, oil, and latex-based painted murals. They have experience with structural repair and fills to a variety of substrates, matching the texture, color, and gloss of original paint, and addressing old coatings, overpaint, graffiti, and surface dirt. 

Indoor or outdoor, historic or contemporary, each mural requires an individual approach and an understanding of artistic intent. We maintain murals for three public art collections and several institutional clients.

Contemporary Murals

Pleasanton Founders Mural - Maintained by Preservation Arts

'Historic Crossroads' in the City of Dublin: Historic Crossroads by John Wehrle, Daniel Galvez, & John Pugh, is a set of four murals on the I-680 overpass walls at Amador Valley Road and Dublin Boulevard in Dublin, CA. The murals are Nova Color Artist Acrylic paint on unprepared concrete with an exterior varnish. Each mural is approximately 16 feet tall and 100 feet long. Each mural consists of 10 or 11 ‘panels’ denoted by tromp l’oeil arch ways. This massive treatment to address cracks, losses and spalling to the concrete wall, and paint losses, abrasions, ghosting from graffiti removal campaigns, overall surface grime and blanching varnish, was undertaken over eight weeks in 2018. The treatment required extensive logistics, working with numerous different bodies, City departments, traffic control, Cal Trans and by having to prevent water run off during surface cleaning, allow public access along the sidewalks during working hours, and consideration of safety issues being next to a 6 lane highway.

City Of Dublin - Historic Crossroad Mural - This shows our team repairing one of four murals on the walls of an underpass. A very large complex job that required a lot of coordination with the several stakeholders.

Details of Repairs

These two murals had surface cracks, stucco losses, staining, some minor delamination likely due to water ingress, and an overall layer of surface dirt, with drip marks and accretions overall. Below are a series of photos showing the repair of a small losses to the stucco.

Untitled, by Christopher Johanson. Acrylic on stucco, 2002 in the City of Palo Alto

Untitled (Suspended Possibilities), by Joey Piziali. Acrylic on stucco, 2006 in the City of Palo Alto


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Historic Painted Ceiling

Golub Room, International House, UC Berkeley

International House was built in the 1920s at UC Berkeley by noted Bay Area architect George Kelham. The Golub Room features a painted ceiling consisting of a series of interconnected geometric shapes with floral motifs, delineated by crown molding, which radiate outwards from the central eight-sided star panel in the center of the room. In the center of this panel is an eight-sided gilded molded star from which the chandelier is attached.

Treatment began in late 2017 to repair two sections of delaminating plaster, cracks in the crown molding, numerous chips in the plaster and molding, and to clean the painted surface, which was dulled and darkened by decades of dirt buildup. The 3 photos below show details of one of the repairs.

Tulancingo Mural -  1985 Augustin Vargas Velasco in Pleasanton, CA in Interior of Council Chamber - maintained 2015 - present

Tulancingo Mural - 1985 Augustin Vargas Velasco in Pleasanton, CA in Interior of Council Chamber - maintained 2015 - present