Stephanie Limoges ingilding an Irish frame

Stephanie Limoges ingilding an Irish frame

Stephanie Limoges, Senior Conservator of Paintings, Painted & Gilded Surfaces & Frames

Stephanie received her masters degree in the specialization of paintings conservation from the University of Melbourne, Australia.  She has since had over 7 years experience working in both paintings and frames conservation at major fine arts institutions in Australia, and here in the Bay Area at the Oakland Museum of California. Stephanie was awarded Professional Associate status of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC).

She has a long history in reproduction frame making, gilding and the restoration of frames and polychrome objects prior to gaining her degree in paintings conservation.

Her treatment experience and expertise run from medieval panel paintings right through to contemporary acrylics and mixed media. She has also done extensive work in collections care, including condition assessments, collection surveys, disaster response assessments, and storage and environmental assessments and monitoring.

Detail of varnish removal from an 18th Century oil on canvas Madonna and Child

Preservation Arts is far beyond the norm compared to the other fine art restoration companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. I worked with Stephanie Limoges, who was one of the most professional people I have worked with in this region. I am the former Associate Dean of the College of Creative Arts at San Francisco State University, and have four degrees in art. I can assure you that this restoration group is where you want to go if you want the highest professional knowledge and expertise in restoring visual works of art. They did many things I never anticipated, yet fulfilled everything I asked for. It is no wonder they are the place the major museums (de Young Museum and other go to when having work done to repair works of fine art. I am more than fully satisfied, and would recommend Preservation Arts to anyone wanting truly high quality restoration work done!
— J D. - Alameda, CA - 4/10/19
Stephanie Limoges, Senior Paintings Conservator, vacuuming a Joan Brown painting

Stephanie Limoges, Senior Paintings Conservator, vacuuming a Joan Brown painting


Kelsey Fox, Assistant Paintings Conservator

Kelsey Fox graduated with a Master of Art Conservation degree in the conservation of paintings from Queen's University in 2016, and has completed internships at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, and at private practices in Los Angeles, CA. 

Her experience in treatment ranges from Renaissance panel paintings to modern and contemporary works as well as frames and murals. She is currently serving as Member-at-Large on the board of the Bay Area Art Conservation Guild (BAACG). 

Kelsey gilding a frame

Kelsey gilding a frame


For assessments or information:

Please contact us to set up an appointment.

Call 510-808-7894 or email

Our Paintings Conservators have experience treating artworks by a large number of artists with a wide variety of styles and mediums. Here is list of some of artists, whose works we have treated:

  • Angilbert Gobel

  • Anthony van Dyck

  • Carlo Fornara

  • Charles Schorre

  • Claude Lorrain

  • Donald Sultan

  • Elizabeth Murray

  • Frederick Ballard Williams

  • Frederick Ferdinand Schafer

  • Haji Widayat

  • Jay DeFeo

  • Joan Brown

  • Joan Mitchell

  • JoeSam

  • John Edmund Mace

  • John White Alexander

  • Jusepe de Ribera

  • Karl Schmidt

  • Leo Valledor

  • Mary Bradish Titcomb

  • Mike Henderson

  • Nathan Oliveira

  • Orpha Klinker

  • Phil Sims

  • Rene Magritte

  • Robert Hudson

  • Roberto Matta

  • Roy De Forest

  • Suzan Frecon

  • Thomas de Keyser

  • Tom Holland

  • Viola Frey

  • William Keith

  • William T. Wiley

  • William Theophilus Brown

Treatment of an oil on canvas by Jusepe de Ribera

steph painting.JPG

Condition: The artwork is an oil on canvas by Jusepe de Ribera, an Italian painter of the Baroque period, circa 1600. There is no signature or title inscribed on the work, but the painting appears to be of the subject of St. Jerome. The canvas itself was in remarkably good condition considering its age, apart from the tacking margins which had a failed strip lining that had previously been performed.  There was also a large, 9 x 8” linen patch on the verso at lower center right, which indicated that the canvas support has most probably been compromised in this area. The paint over this area is mostly non-original. There were small losses overall, and the paint film had severe craquelure over the entire surface.  There was some cupping, tenting and lifting sections where movement can be felt that required consolidation. The most notable aesthetic problem, was a very yellowed and degraded varnish layer, which was also overly thick and glossy. There was significant retouching to the paint film which is visible when viewed using UV induced illumination. Read more about our Technical Analysis.

Treatment: Photographed before, under UV, during and after treatment. HEPA vacuumed with hake brush. The paint film was consolidated and set with a heated spatula. The painting was removed from its stretcher and the old, failed strip lining removed and replaced. The artwork was then re-stretched on the original stretcher. The varnish layers were then carefully removed. Initially, an attempt was made to only thin the varnish layers so that not all the overpaint would be removed from the large central damage. However, the overpaint in this region came off particularly easily, revealing an excessive amount of overpaint and unnecessary fill material which was disguising the original compositional layout of part of the straw clothing. Excessive overpaint from regions in the background and foreground were also removed. An initial brush varnish was then applied to isolate the original paint layers. The extensive area of loss was then retouched in a more restrained fashion, sympathetic to the original design. Two final spray coats of varnish were applied to protect the inpainting, and integrate the surface overall.

Preservation Arts [SF Art Conservation] resurrected my 19th century painting. Beautiful.

Excellent, nothing less than that. I brought a 19th century painting whose gilded frame was damaged. The frame was structurally stable after the restoration. Colors were well blended with the original frame.
You cannot tell the difference after Preservation Arts’ [SF Art Conservation’s] restoration.

Issues with the painting were also addressed. I wanted the piece done in 2 weeks. Stephanie finished it in a week.

Very professional:
I found out more about the piece I brought. Options were discussed, everything was transparent. The assessment, conservation and final report were well documented. This is important for every art restoration.

Very responsive:
I value my time and appreciate that I get updates. I get prompt replies from my emails. I get callbacks when needed.

For valuable art restoration, you can go elsewhere or you can get the best service at Preservation Arts [SF Art Conservation].
— C.V. - San Jose - 2/6/19

Preservation Arts [formerly SF Art Conservation] saved my 2 very large (6ft x 4ft) family paintings from damage by shipping cross country via UPS Freight (1 star). One of the paintings frames, on particle board with oil paint, was smashed and a few corners were broken off of the particle board. The other painting had a major frame issue where the stretcher rod was missing and the actual canvas was crumpled with the oil paint cracking. Rowen Geiger and her team are absolute pro’s. Rowan, owner, came and inspected the painting, gave me an estimate to fix, was patient with me while I worked on getting reimbursed by UPS, scheduled a drop off of the painting, explained the process, set great expectations, and 100% fixed both paintings and they look better then ever. She delivered a report on the exact details of what she did with pictures of the before and after damage. I want to stress, these people are THE PRO’s to fixing and restoring artwork. And, the cost was reasonable. I HIGHLY recommend Preservation Arts [formerly SF Art Conservation].
— Daniel G. - Mill Valley - 3/8/17

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